Karamasoft UltimatePanel - ASP.NET navigation control to build advanced side panel bars. 3.2: ASP.NET navigation control to build advanced side panel bars.

Karamasoft UltimatePanel - ASP.NET navigation control to build advanced side panel bars. 3.2

panel items. * Client Persistence - Save the latest state of the panel on the client machine, and restore again at the next visit. * Hide and Show - Hide the panel, and show again when user moves mouse over the panel handle, or clicks it. * Auto Scroll - Automatically scroll the panel vertically and horizontally when the user scrolls the page. * Data Binding - Load panel from a data source as easy as setting a connection string. * User Rights - Display

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MFP Remote 1.0.1: Allows remote control of the Panel on HP MFP and Printer Devices

MFP Remote 1.0.1

panel display of their devices. Devices can be imported by scanning the network, importing from a text file or by just typing the host Name or IP address. Devices can be organised in groups to have a better overview. You can open the panel of the device with just one to two mouse clicks. Opening the panel from one or more devices does not only show what is on the panel, it also allows you to use the mouse to navigate the panel and perform clicks,

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Loadcalc 2008 Panel Schedule Trial 2.4: Panel schedule and feeder calculations for commercial occupancies and dwellings.

Loadcalc 2008 Panel Schedule Trial 2.4

panel schedules and service and feeder load calculations for commercial occupancies and single family dwellings. It also prints panelboard directories in two sizes (4x6 inch and 6x8 inch) for inside the panelboard doors or covers. The 2008 National Electrical Code is fully supported. Panel Schedules: Single or three phase. Commercial or residential. Load calculations and demand factoring according to occupancy type. Service/feeder load calculations

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StatusBar ActiveX control 2.4: A StatusBar control displays various kinds of status data.

StatusBar ActiveX control 2.4

A StatusBar control displays various kinds of status data. Supports: - Simple/multi panel styles - Full color customization - Auto coloration - Windows XP icons (alpha support) - Add/copy/remove panels on the fly - Background picture - Three grip styles - Tooltips for each panel - Custom drawn panels - Unicode character-encoding standard - Bidirectional languages - MDI applications - Contained controls ... plus more

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A VIP Task Manager Professional Edition 4.2.18: Client\Server software for planning, scheduling, sharing and tracking team tasks

A VIP Task Manager Professional Edition 4.2.18

Professional client/server software for task management and collaboration. Authorized users can simultaneously access the common database through Local Network (LAN) and Low Speed Network to see, add, edit and delete their team or personal tasks. It is the best tool to plan, schedule, share, appointments, projects, and any company activities in small business, government and non-government institutes, non-profit and educational organizations.

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.NET My Frame Panel 2.13: This .net component let you add visual panel like Vista, Aqua, XP, Office, ...

.NET My Frame Panel 2.13

My Frame Panel component for .NET is the panel you need to improve your visual interface for your applications. It lets you create modern visual styles to your programs under all Windows versions. All new default styles (Vista, Aqua, XP, Office 2003 , 2007, Gradient, Fashion,...) and default themes are supported (blue, olive, silver, royal, Black, Beige,...) and can be customized. We added a lot of new features like a header, body and footer

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Panel ActiveX control 1.3: A Panel control provides a container that can contain other components.

Panel ActiveX control 1.3

A Panel control provides a container that can contain other components. Supports: - Dock/undock panel styles - Automatic drag - Full color customization - Auto coloration - Background picture - Two grip styles - Unicode character-encoding standard - MDI applications - Header customization - Header icon - Header orientation ... plus more

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clicky panel 1.08: The best Windows desktop client for clicky web analytics with multi threading.

clicky panel 1.08

Clicky Panel is the feature rich windows dashboard for Clicky Web Analytics. Which provides an easy way to analyse your traffic without living the comfort of your desktop. ClickyPanel uses the data collected by Clicky Analytics to present the data needed most in a simple way.

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RESTrick Control Panel Tune your computers according your requirements, for the best performance

RESTrick Control Panel

Panel is a powerful tool that can help you tune your Windows system. The RESTrick Control panel can help you enforce system security and protection all of your files. With the help of the RESTrick Control panel you can quickly tune your Windows system to your exact needs. RESTrick allows you to install different restrictions on your system so you can control the access to your computer. The RESTrick Control Panel will allow you to work with user

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Virtual Teacher Background Panel 1.1: BPanel is a program that will help you learn foreign language in passive mode.

Virtual Teacher Background Panel 1.1

Panel is a very simple tool that makes a huge difference, when learning a foreign language. Basically, BPanel is a simple panel on your desctop. You enter words and phrases you are trying to memorize, as well as their translations or select a ready vocabulary. These are displayed on BPanel, so all you have to do is to glance once in a while on it. And you don`t have to make yourself do it. It`s just as natural as watching TV or listening to radio

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